Welcome to Shri Nirmala Ganga Mata Sanga Society where our goal is to please Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Our desire is to grow deeper as we worship our Divine Mother in Her form of Shri Nirmala Ganga Mata. 

Shri Mataji has established very strict rules about our behavior in the context of ashram life (please watch the video on the following link. The set of rules below for the Nirmala Ganga Ashram is inspired from Her guidance.

  1. When applying for a stay at the ashram, yogis should be vetted in writing (via email) by their coordinator. Additional vetting information may be requested on a case-by-case basis.
  2. The Ashram is not meant for newer, intermediate-level or non-established Yogis and especially not for beginners/seekers.
  3. Mother Ganga is Shri Mataji. We come to go deeper but not for healing.
  4. The Ashram is God’s temple. It must be kept clean on the gross as well as subtle level. No one should be allowed in the meditation room who is not an established Yogi.
  5. The Ashram is not for casual curious visitors, trekkers or tourists, Sahaj or not, such as people on ‘temple tours’. It is a place of collective living, governed by the same rules as any Sahaja Yoga ashram as established by our Divine Mother. None of us are ”guests”, this is your home. Each of us is expected to help out as we would in any Ashram or in our own home. 
  6. In the Ashram, life should be very pure: respect for the Mooladhara, for the elders, and for each of us being a representative of our Guru. We are under the guidance of the Divine. Cleanliness, tidiness and proper decorum are expected as in any place of auspiciousness and joy of the Spirit.
  7. Pure Sahaj maryadas and behavior must be observed, and it is up to the discretion of the ashram manager to terminate the stay of a guest if circumstances warrant it. 
  8. Yogis must provide information when applying about any serious physical, mental, emotional or vibrational problems. 
  9. Applications need be submitted to the manager of the ashram at least 2 weeks in advance.
  10. Stay at the ashram must normally be for a minimum of one week, which is needed for achieving any spiritual depth.
  11. No children will be permitted below 4 years old.
  12. Visitors from any one country should be a maximum number of 7. The total accommodation limit is 28 individuals.
  13. Donations per day are the same for everyone. Children between ages 4-10 are free. Please ask the Ashram manager for further details.
  14. Contributions will be requested for car trips to the village and other destinations.
  15. Swimming or floating in the Ganga is strictly prohibited. The Ganga is a fast river with powerful underwater currents and turbulence which are not readily evident, and venturing anywhere except in the strict vicinity of the shore is extremely dangerous. 
  16. Not respecting any of the above rules can result in discharging the guest of the ashram at the discretion of the Ashram manager and without refund.